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Wood Plastic Downstream Series

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Wood plastic embossing machine

Wood plastic embossing machine is mainly used for PE\PP\PVC wood plastic profiles, plates and other wood plastic material surface pattern, so that wood plastic products surface wood better. The embossing roller surface can be processed into a variety of wood grain texture, the surface can be plated with hard chromium, roller cavity heating, simple operation, wear resistance.

1300 type plate covering machine

The machine has the advantages of light weight, small size, light weight and easy operation. The film products widely, and to protect the surface of the film, adhesive and main features of the products can also be complex: the hardness of the rollers, the pressing force is uniform; for single entry film, also can be used double-sided Fumo; stepless speed regulating speed; is in a function. To ensure the products will be back up when necessary; manual adjustment pressure (plus cylinder), film thickness adjustable products.

Line, plate hot stamping machine (two, six) series

Line, sheet metal stamping function: This machine is suitable for PVC decorative lines, stone plastic lines, frames, profiles, such as the surface of a variety of patterns, circle of hot stamping. The main features of the machine stamping angle can be adjusted freely, automatic film feeding and collecting machine, the film speed by speed synchronous motor control and speed

Three sanding machine

This machine is used for the surface treatment of various kinds of plates, such as fixed sanding, fine sanding and so on.

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