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plastic mixer machine

​Plastic mixer is used for mixing plastic raw materials, mainly in the production line equipment of granulation, pipe, profile, plate, sheet and so on.

Product description


Total volume(L)50/100100/200200/500300/600500/1000800/16001000/2000
Effective volume(L)37/7075/130150/330225/390375/650600/1040750/1300

Rotary speed of propeller blade(RPM)

Motor power(kw)7/11/5.514/22/7.530/42/1140/55/1155/75/1583/110/22110/160/30
Heating power/cooling medium3KW/Water6KW/Water6KW/Water9KW/Water9KW/Water12KW/Water15KW/Water
Unloading wayPneumaticPneumaticPneumaticPneumaticPneumaticPneumaticPneumatic

Plastic mixer is used for mixing plastic raw materials, mainly in the production line equipment of granulation, pipe, profile, plate, sheet and so on. Commonly used in: PVC powder, wood plastic, plastic particles processing, SPC floor, marble board, lattice board and other equipment.

The working principle is to use the three-layer paddle in the hot pot, driven by the high-speed rotation of the motor, to rotate the raw material to create friction with the barrel wall, thereby increasing the temperature of the raw material. 

There is only one paddle in the cold pot, but the cold pot is double-layered with a built-in circulating water channel. The temperature of the raw materials is slowly reduced to about 50 degrees by water cooling, and the rotation of the paddles is used to prevent the raw materials from agglomerating in the cold pot.


SHR series high-speed mixer is used in mixing, blending, drying, coloring materials in plastic, rubber and chemical industries.SHR series high-speed mixer adopts advanced desgin, it is convenient and safe for operation. It offers small size, light weigth, high effciency, low energy consumption, and low noise.


SRL-Z series mixing unit is applicable for mixing, colouring and drying of various resin such as poiyethylene, polypropylene, poiyvinyl chloride etc, and in the process of drying and volatilization of engineering plastic such as ABS polycarbonate etc before forming and processing as well as in the mixing of phenolic resin.The unit combines heat mixing and cool mixing together, the materials after heat mixing can be goting into cool mixer for cooling automatically, exhaust remaining gasses and avoids agglomerates.

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