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600mm WPC Profile Extrusion Line

The working process of PVC wall panel machine:Raw material → twin screw extruder → vacuum table → haul-off → cutting machine → stacker

Product description

pvc profile extrusion line加水印.jpg

Extruder modelSJZ51/105SJZ51/105orSJZ51/110SJZ65/132SJZ65/132SJZ80/156SJZ80/156SJZ80/156

Main motor power(kw)


                                          WPC Profile Extrusion Line is mainly used to produce WPC、PVC ceiling, PVC wall panel . The surface of PVC ceiling can be treated by color printing and coated with glossy oil, or by transfer printing, or by lamination, which can make marble, wooden design on the surface of products.

The working process of  PVC wall panel machine:

Raw material →  twin screw extruder → vacuum table → haul-off → cutting machine → stacker

Twin Screw Extruder

Electric control cabinet: the main inverter and feeding frequency converter

Motor、pump: main motor 75KW

Feeder motor 1.5KW


Temperature control display meter:Omron

Major electrical components:Schneider

Extruder speed control method:ABB


Vacuum Table

Length: 4-6Meters

Table fore-and-aft Move: Adopt 1.5KW 

Gearbox Speed Reducer Motor Adjusting Distance equal to 800mm

Table Adjusting: Up-and-down adjusting adopt worm reducer & screw adjusting


Compaction Mode: Adopt pneumatic gas cylinder

Cut Motor Power: 0.75KW*1PC

Speed control method:ABB

Haul-off structure:Two caterpillar



Cutting action controller : PLC 

The impact method:pneumatic impact

Cutter structure:Saw type

Saw diameter:100mm

Maximum cutting surface:700mm

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